About Carl


CARL XR GORANSON born Carl Eric Söderblom, Sweden

Fine artist Carl, enjoys a long carrier of creativity. After studies at the Stockholm Art Academy, he worked as an illustrator with assignments from the biggest newspapers and business magazines in Scandinavia. This includes Expressen, Teknikens Värld, Dagens IndustriVeckans Affärer, Teknik För Alla, Nostalgia and Motorjournalen.

He invented details for cars (patented)
A moped car (The Shopper) which went into production at Nordsjö Mekaniska Verkstad, Forshaga.
A curling iron currently on sale with Björn Axén Sweden.

From inventions and illustrations, Carl was successful as an Industrial Designer, creating everything from artistic glass for the famous Swedish Glass Companies to Norwegian Speedboats. Selco was at the time the largest manufacturer of Speedboats in Europe. Carl designed their entire model program of speedboats down to every last detail of the boats interior.

Designer Selected works
Snowmobile for Swedish Aktiv
Indoor lightning for Scan Design
Telephones for Clas Wellton Company
Locomotives for The Swedish Railways Statens Järnvägar as well as other industrials improvements.
Art Glass for Lindshammar Sweden
Saab Scania Vabis
Bus stops, telephone booths and other objects for the public domain, for Alustop

Automotive artist – Hall of Fame
Now he enjoys fame as a well-renowned fine artist with automotive art as his speciality. Carl is represented both with private collectors such as motorsports stars as well as at the Indianapolis 500 (all VIP lounges) and the National Motorcycle Museum of Fame, Iowa USA.

Carl loved Ekshärad, a small town in Värmland, in the middle of Sweden. When spoken in native tongue this place sounds like XR. In late years he added XR to his signature.

To get in touch, send an email to info [at] aya dot se